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This Canada Post Commemorative year 2000 set was produced to encourage 'peace'. Produced by Canada Post, the 14 x 14 cm x 1 cm deep (5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1/4" deep) silver-colored tin is embossed on the top surface with the dove of peace as "The Official Millennium Keepsake".


The ornate tin contains a beautiful commemorative folded card with the words "Midnight, December 31, 1999" on the front, a 1999 - 2000, 95 cent Canada stamp in a beautifully engraved format, a reflective silver, year 1999, 46 cent Canada stamp also in a beautiful engraved format, and a 55 cent, year 2000 Canada stamp showing a girl holding a dove.

Embedded in a black mat is a silver coin the size of a quarter, with the words "Canada 2000" on the obverse and the words "Millennium" with an image of the maple leaf on the reverse.

Under the protective tin lid is a commemorative paper which reads, among other things, "The arrival of the new millennium is a time not only to reflect on the remarkable forces that have shaped our past, but also to renew our hope in the possibilities of the future". All inscriptions are written/printed in both official languages.


This beautiful commemorative item can only increase in value as the years go by.



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