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Royal Canadian Mint 2004 Test Token "Poppy" 7 Coin Set

This unique 2004 test Token set is a manufacturing tribute to the World's first colorized circulation coin. To aid in the numerous coin manufacturing processes, the Royal Canadian Mint test tokens are struck for the various stages of production. In fact the first test tokens date back to 1907. Test tokens are utilized in areas such as die and die coating testing, plating process modifications, dimensional testing, material tolerance, edge profile, coin collars, conformity of the electro - magnetic signature of the coin amongst others.

Only twice before have test tokens been officially sold by the Royal Canadian Mint Ð in 1996 to commemorate the introduction of the $2 coin, and in 2000 to commemorate the introduction of the new plated coins. This set includes the 1,5,10 cent and $1, and $2 test tokens. It also includes the colorized poppy test token (25 cent) and the actual colorized 25-cent coin. Only 10,000 sets were produced.

It is through this ongoing continuous improvement testing process that the Royal Canadian Mint stays in the forefront of the minting field. This helps to ensure that the most cost-effective means are implemented to produce coinage for Canada and many other countries around the world.


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